Sri Lankan women turn to prostitution due to crisis

Sri Lankan women have been facing huge problems due to the national economic crisis. The financial difficulties have made them to turn to prostitution. Due to the loss of jobs and continuous price hikes, rise in inflation, women had to resort to this profession.

A woman stated to a publication that she had to turn towards this job as her family lost all the money in the savings. She also stated that the fees, prices and loss of job has made her become a sex worker. She stated that her income has decreased by 50% but still she has to continue doing this job as other jobs are not available.

The country has been looking at IMF relief to come out of this crisis for time being. President Ranil Wickremesighe recently stated that the country needs help from all the countries as they have no way of recovery on their own.

As the protestors have won over Rajapaksa family, they are hoping that the new governments will bring a change in the country status. Few women have decided to kill themselves unable to find nutritious food for their families. World countries have to look at the economic crisis with a kind heart.

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