Sri Lankan people intensify protests over emergency

Leaders tend to take their first step and guide their followers to safe heavens by baring the brunt of failure. But in politics, leaders tend to somehow win the trust of voters and then try to use their power to control them rather than serving them.

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the best example for greedy politicians, at least Sri Lankans feel so. They are protesting on the roads asking for his resignation. President Rajapaksa announced State of Emergency second time in one month, on Friday 6th May night, to curtail the protests.

As the country is going through Economic Crisis, Sri Lankans want their leaders to find apt solutions but Rajapaksa is giving importance to saving his chin and power than working towards betterment of the situation. United Nations correspondents have visited the country twice to understand the situation and give ample solutions, but Sri Lankan government seems to be busy trying to stop the protests as the leader is scared looking at so much anger in the public.

Every institution in Sri Lanka condemned the act of President Rajapaksa and asked him to immediately work towards signing deals with foreign countries to better the situation. People in Sri Lanka even protested on roads by wearing just inner briefs and nothing else. United Nations is seeking Indian and Chinese help to solve the problem but Sri Lankan President is said to be adamant on continuing some of the economic policies that led to this situation, in the first place.

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