Sri Lanka starts talking to IMF amidst Shutdown!

Sri Lanka is facing the most saddening economical crisis in the history of mankind. United Nations has announced that the country is on the verge of experiencing dire humanitarian crisis. At least four out of five have skipped meals or at least one meal per day as they cannot afford.

Government has announced shutdown to conserve fuel and government offices won’t function. IT companies operating in Sri Lanka have given indefinite Work from Home to their employees.

Youth have come out on roads announcing Rajapaksa’s birthday as National Mourning Day. Police had to arrest them. Only ports are functioning and fisherman are allowed to fish in the ocean to at least afford sea food.

The country has defaulted 51 Billion USD to International Monetary Fund and they have requested a bail out. Government started holding talks with IMF and it will take at the least ten days to conclude them. Also, Sri Lanka has asked Australia, Indian governments to help them during these difficult times. The shutdown will continue for two weeks and then government will take a decision on future course of action looking at the situation.

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