Sri Lanka President Gotaboya Rajapaksa flees!

Protests in Sri Lanka have reached to their peak. Sri Lankan government has announced that the economic crisis cannot be controlled and gave government officials work from home as they have no more funds to give salaries, buy petrol.

The reason for this economic crisis has been stated to be Rajapaksa Government’s misuse of power. Protestors have come on roads and surrounded the Gotaboya Rajapaksa’s residence. President of Sri Lanka had to be safely removed from his residence.

As we see in the films, when people finally enter into the politician’s house and they flee, it happened in the same manner. Thousands have surrounded the palace and hundreds have entered into it as well. Gotaboya’s whereabouts have been hidden by military for now.

Prime Minister Ranji Wickremesinghe has called for immediate cabinet meeting to resolve the issue before it becomes much more serious. As off now, the Rajapaksa clan rule and influence in Sri Lankan politics has come to an end.

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