Sravan: MLC Anantha Babu is trying save his friends

MLC Anantha Babu confessed to Kakinada Police and surrendered to them. He was sent to remand by local magistrate. He confessed to killing Subramanyam all by himself. Watchman Srinu said that he saw Subramayam being pushed from the terrace of the building. He said that he was a relative to Subramayam.

Advocate and Jai Bhim Bharat Party President slammed Police for trying to reduce the magnanimity of the case and impact the proceedings. He expressed no confidence on the police and State SC/ST commission.

He said that he will move to National SC/ST Commission and file a case in High Court and Supreme Court if required. He said that SC/ST atrocity and section 302 have used on MLC Anantha Babu but his confession is untrue. He showed proofs that Post Mortem report suggest that Subramanyam died due to being hit in the private parts repeatedly.

He also expressed doubts about watchman statement that he saw Subramanyam being pushed from terrace. He opined and alleged that Anantha Babu is trying to save his wife and friends, supporters. Watchman did say in his statement that Anantha Babu went to the terrace with his wife. Anantha Babu confessed that only he killed Subramanyam. Sravan pointed that Subramanyam was taken to a beach and hit brutally. Seems like there are many twists in the tale waiting to be uncovered.

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