SpiceJet Airlines restricted to fly only 50% flights

SpiceJet Airlines have been restricted to fly only 50% flights out of their total scheduled ones. Directorate General of Civil Aviation have given interim order to the Airlines to reschedule their flights in coming days.

DGCA found no problem with the safety measures undertaken or containing to the regulations as well by SpiceJet during their spot checks. The budget airlines have been issued show cause notice after eight incidents where the flights had to be landed somewhere else or land emergently due to radar issues.

Due to these incidents, passengers have been looking at other airlines with losing belief on their safety measures. SpiceJet Airlines have said that they are waiting for the orders and will follow the regulatory body’s safety measures to the tee.

They have announced that the passengers will not have any problem with these orders. They have assured that the airlines has reduced the number of flights already due to the less number of passengers.

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