Space News: Universe is expanding “weird”

Astronomy is progressing with latest discoveries about Universe helping us to solve many mysteries that could help humanity to survive deadly problems that future generations would face on earth. One of them could definitely be global climate change.

To understand how we can achieve Interstellar travel or extract minerals or valuable resources that would help humanity to survive further, we need to know what universe is made up off and what it is expanding into.

The latest NASA observations from Hubble Telescope have determined that Universe is expanding weird as it is expanding faster than models predicted. With all the data we have collected and observed, the models have been predicting accurately but these latest observations have thrown them for a toss. Scientists are trying to figure out reasons for such fast expansion.

In other interesting updates, one scientists group have sported an idea of using entire Solar System, majorly Sun as Graphical lens to observe the Universe. For that Telescope needs to be placed 550 AU from Sun and even if we achieve that only future generations with more advanced technology can make it a possibility. After being able to get a picture of our own black hole which was deemed impossible, these kind of weird ideas might also seem probable, don’t they?

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