Sowkar Janaki was not nominated by Telugu States for Padma

Sowkar Janaki, the feted actress was recently given Padma Shri by the Indian government. The former actress acted in over 450 films in multiple languages in South India. 

An interesting fact is that Janaki was not nominated for the Padma award by either the government of Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. She had received a nomination from Karnataka. This has not gone down well with her Telugu fans, who feel that the super-talented and versatile actress should have received a nomination from the Telugu States.

Several Netizens have pointed this out through their posts. “Much as Telugu states are taking pride in Sowcar Janaki getting the Padma Award, let it be known that her nomination came from Karnataka! Not either of the Telugu states! Telugu states have a long and illustrious history of ignoring arts and artists,” tweeted Twitter user @veejaysai. 

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