Sonu Sood: People should change their perspective

Sonu Sood talked about the increasing rapes and harassment on women in different cities. Mainly, the incidents like Minor Rape by boys belonging to rich families, influential politicians families has caught the headlines around India.

Talking about the incident to NTV Sonu Sood said, “People should change their perspective about opposite sex. Respecting women should be taught at homes right from young age and suddenly at adulthood a girl cannot teach a boy, how to behave with her.”

About growing pub culture being blamed for the rapes. He said,” This is similar to people blaming dressing and short dresses of women for harassment. Under any circumstances, a boy should respect a girl. Pub culture is in Western countries too but we don’t keep hearing such incidents being reported every day in those countries. We just need to change our perspectives.”

Sonu Sood has earned the name of Messiah of People during the lockdown as he could arrange for airlifting several passengers, providing medication, food and helping them with jobs, necessary funds as well.

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