‘Son Of India’: Shockingly less run-time!

‘Son Of India’ is hitting the cinemas this Friday. Starring Dr. Mohan Babu in the lead, the film is directed by Diamond Ratnababu.

The shocking fact is that the run-time of the movie is just 86 minutes. It’s said that it has got no intermission. 

This piece of news has been seen as a discouraging factor by Netizens. In this day and age, people have content readily available on OTT. Why will they take the pains to go watch an 86-minute-long movie in a theatre after spending Rs 100 to Rs 150?

For the unversed, ‘Son Of India’ was originally planned as an OTT film. The plan changed later because Mohan Babu expressed the wish to cater to the theatrical audience. 

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