Sini Shetty becomes Miss India World 2022

Miss India 2022 Final round has been held at Jio World Convention Centre. Sini Shetty from Bengaluru won the crown as Miss India World and Rubal Shekawat became 1st Runner-up. Shinata Chauhan became the second Runner-up.

Sini Shetty will get a chance to represent India in Miss Universe beauty pageant while Rubal Shekawat gets a chance to represent India in Miss World pageant. Sini Shetty is pursuing CFA and she has a bachelors degree in accounting and finance.

Sini Shetty is just 21 years old and she is a Bharatanatyam dancer. We congratulate the young women and hope to see them reach heights in their respective careers and use this fame to project the causes that matter, passionately.

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