Singer KK passes away! Few Special moments to remember!

If you ask any artist, they would say that if ever death beholds them they would like to die on stage performing while hearing to audiences clapping for them. In Sagara Sangamam, K. Vishwanath gave such an end to dancer Balu, who always faced failure in his life and in his last moments, he gets some respite and dies on stage hearing to cheers of public, what he always desired and deserved. Unfortunately, Singer KK suddenly passed away shortly after his concert at Kolkata.

Before the concert, he uploaded a selfie video and posted the photo of people who turned up at the concert. He performed to his heart content like he always does for them and seems like his heart felt highly content as it stopped suddenly. Doctors couldn’t revive him and post mortem is going on as we speak, to know the real reason behind his sudden massive heart attack. Police are suspecting conspiracy. More on that later, let’s first remember his legacy that he left for all of us as it is the time to remember the legend and once the investigation is over, we can concentrate on other things.

Music Industry must have felt like a blessing to listen to his nectar dripping voice and emotions filled rendition. Even goddess of Music might have felt the same, “Tu Jo Mila, toh hogaya mein haasil”.

Well, his voice could bring to life trembles of first love and pure admiration. While acting of SRK is top notch, it is KK who scores the most with his rendition. Listeners just sang, “Teri awaaz ne dil ko kiya jo aashar … asar ye huva ..” after listening to it.

In an alien language to him, he could still bring out the melody in a fast beat rhythm based song. Even Megastar Chiranjeevi remembered him as the singer of this song for him in his condolences. The impact of this song quadrupled with the “Veena step” but even as an audio song it became a huge hit and KK proved his versatility. On a side note, he did not mispronounce one word too, something that many other language singers even today doesn’t really care about.

His voice seems to suit Emraan Hashmi on screen, the best. The duo had some unforgettable hits and this is one of the most popular songs and underrated one too, musically.

You can just keep listening to this song on the monsoon evenings if you’re in love or not. His voice has that magnetic quality to make you forget about the surroundings.

After listening to his death news, the first thing that his fans and music lovers would say is, “Khuda Jaane ye Kyun huva..”!

Well, in Telugu he had some mesmerizing melody hits. Devi Sri Prasad used him right and this song still rules the hearts of youth. Whenever you hear it, you feel like a fresh breeze has hit you bringing back moments when you really felt for someone.

Every boy and every girl might have felt this emotion. It feels like he just asked music lovers to “Feel his love” for music, when you listen to this song, today.

Any list of songs that involves KK would be empty without a mention of this song. The kind of emotions he renders in this song with the change in the tune and lyrics, you can never believe that he is not from Telugu household.

Well, before all of those above mentioned songs, with this “Ye Mera Jaha” from Khushi, he strongly established that it is indeed his place to rule and won over many hearts with his voice.

Now, with a heavy heart the song that made him, “Pyaar Ke Pal”. In the song, few lines go like this, “Aane wale shubah hi jaane kya hoga kal … Hum rahe ya naa rahe yaad aayenge ye Pal”. Indeed and can’t say more!

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