Shree Vishnu’s Bhala Tandanana Movie Review

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Catherine Teresa, Gaurda Ram, Posani Krishna Murali, Satya


Music by Mani Sharma

Cinematography by Suresh Raguthu

Directed by Chaintanya Dantuluri

Produced by Rajani Korrapati

Shree Vishnu has been trying to find the perfect film that will propel his box office stamina. After Brochevarevarura, he has decided to accept stories that revolve around money exchange for extortion or robbery. Bhala Tandanana is also about robbery but from a Hawala King. Chaitanya Dantuluri directed the film and Catherine Teresa acted as leading lady. How is the film? Let’s discuss.

Story: Chandrasekhar (Sree Vishnu) works as an accountant in a Orphanage. He meets Sashikrekha (Catherine Teresa), an investigate journalist to request her to not oust a money laundering scam that involves the orphanage. She likes his way of dealing with the problem even though at first both of them misunderstand each other. She decides to travel with him in life and on other hand, Hawala King (Garuda Ram) finds out that someone robbed his 2000 crores. Who did it? What is the connection between Sashirekha, Chandrasekhar and Hawala King? Watch the movie to know more.

Analysis: Director Chaitanya Dhantuluri proved himself as a smart director in his first film, Banam. Post that he did not find another film or story that does justice to his skills. In this film also, he tried to make meal of what he had but the ingredients he needed to cook a proper meal is not present in the story he chose. Hence, Bhala Tandanana remains a good idea on paper that did not translate on to the screen with smooth and gripping screenplay.

Movie tried too much in few sequences and dragged some unnecessary scenes too long. When you narrate a thriller with slow pace, people tend to guess the next scene and that is the major problem for this film too. Better writing and execution would have made this movie a fun watch. Sree Vishnu is growing as an dependable performer. He delivered what director asked him in this one. Catherine Teresa did not add any value to the film. Garuda Ram and others looked stylish but they did not have much to do. Posani Krishna Murali comedy worked out. Mani Sharma gave apt tunes and cinematography is good.


Sree Vishnu performance

Visuals and production values.


Lethargic Screenplay

Drag in the second half

Rating: 2.25/5

Bottomline: Half Baked and tasteless!

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