Should Virat Kohli pull out off IPL?

Indian former skipper Virat Kohli’s form and current skipper Rohit Sharma’s form in current IPL 2022 season are worrying the fans too much. They are unable to digest two of the current Indian team pillars and greats going through such rough patch. While Mumbai Indians captained by Rohit Sharma haven’t win even one game, RCB represented by Virat Kohli is testing patience of fans by their inconsistency. Team got bundled out twice before completing 20 overs and registered lowest score for the tournament this season, against Sun Risers Hyderabad.

Rohit Sharma is known to play well in International matches and ICC tournaments but Virat Kohli did not set ICC tournaments on fire like he usually does, in recent times. Both of their form is worrying cricket fans in India more as T20 ICC World Cup is happening in few months time, later this year. Mainly, Virat Kohli’s bad form is worrying them the most as the batsman gave up his captaincy in white ball game due to his continued bad performances from past two years.

For his standards, the past three years have been very dismal and fans are unable to digest this low scoring phase of Virat. When he went through lean patch in 2014, he came back stronger and even scored 900 runs in one IPL season. It is still the highest aggregate for one season from a batsman.

Even Virat Kohli’s greatest admirer and former coach of Indian team with whom Virat formed a successful partnership, Ravi Shastri advised Virat to pull out off the tournament. He said in an YouTube conversation with famous cricket anchor Jatin Sapru that the cricketers go through such lean phases and at times, they have to decide between bigger goals and short term benefits. He opined that Virat Kohli is fatigued due to non-stop cricket and pandemic situation. The great cricketer needs rest and he should pull out off IPL as Indian team is more important than franchise cricket.

He said that when such situation arrives, a cricketer like Virat Kohli should be able to cut short his tournament for his franchise and take salary only for the games he had played. Rather than continuing throughout the tournament and further putting more stress on himself, it would be better to take some rest and clear the demons in the mind.

Well, he has a point. Fans have huge expectations from Virat Kohli and his 128 runs from 8 games, his golden ducks and the way he is getting out, is further irritating them. It would be better for him and even Rohit Sharma also to pull out off the tournament and spend time with their families, to clear off all the clutter from their heads that a stressful tournament like IPL can cause. Do you also feel the same?

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