Shashi Tharoor alleges BJP of suppressing their voices!

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has been relatively silent these days in comparison to the days, he used to be highly active on social media and vocal about his party policies. He has been one of those highly controversial politicians India has ever seen.

Well, he reacted to ED summoning Rahul Gandhi like all Congress leaders and he condemned police force being used to suppress the agitations. He remarked that BJP has been using force against them to suppress their democratic right to protest.

Shashi Tharoor called suppression of INC party protests as blot on our democracy and remarked that Congress never treated BJP like this.

Well, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi have been summoned by ED for interrogation in National Herald Case. Rahul Gandhi appeared for two days in front of ED officials. Sonia Gandhi had to appear but she asked for a later date as she tested positive for Covid-19. Congress leaders across the nation have been protesting this interrogation in front of ED offices and other government institutions.

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