Sharad Pawar not to contest in Presidential Elections

Indian President Shri. Ram Nath Kovind’s tenure is coming to an end. BJP powered NDA and Congress powered UPA have been concentrating on announcing their candidates for the election. According to Election of President 2017 document released by Chief Electoral Office Delhi,

“The President of India is elected by the Members of an Electoral College consisting of
(a) the elected members of both Houses of Parliament and (b) the elected members of
the Legislative Assemblies of the States [including National Capital Territory of Delhi
and the Union Territory of Puducherry vide the Constitution (Seventieth Amendment)
Act, 1992] (Article 54). The members nominated to either House of Parliament or
the Legislative Assemblies of State including NCT of Delhi and Union Territory of
Puducherry are not eligible to be included in the Electoral College.”

Who can become President of India?

Anyone who is a citizen of India and 35 years old. This person cannot hold a house of profit, that is, cannot be a business man or someone proven to have any vested interests or highly notorious criminal record. He or she needs to have 50 proposers and seconders, who can be national officials.

So, keeping these two aspects in mind parties are trying to find suitable candidates. NCP chief Sharad Pawar name has been proposed by Congress as unified Opposition candidate for President. As Opposition doesn’t have enough numbers to win the race and BJP can use all its might to win, Sharad Pawar shared that he is “not interested in Presidential election” to NCP senior leaders.

NDA does lack support of 13,000 votes for required majority of 51% out of 10,86,000 votes. But they can secure that majority from some regional party that doesn’t want to support Congress. Well, the elections will be conducted on 18th July as Ram Nath Kovind’s term will end by 24th July.

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