Sharad Pawar declines but Mamata resolute on PE!

Sharad Pawar, chief of Nationalist Congress Party, has decided to not nominate himself in Presidential Elections. Opposition party leaders on the invitation of Bengal CM and Tirunamool Congress chief, Mamata Banerjee, attended the meeting to elect their candidate.

Sharad Pawar’s name has been proposed by all parties as their candidate in single voice. Pawar declined their nomination and said that he cannot accept it as he prefers to continue in active politics. Mamata Banerjee tried to convince him and she even again proposed his name. He asked for some more time to think but he is not interested and he made it clear.

Mamata talking to media, said, “Sharad Pawar name came up as our candidate for Presidential Election against BJP candidate. If he is not interested, we will opt for another one. But we need to fight and condemn against BJP’s dominance and suppression of opposition parties in this country. We need to unite and fight for our rights. BJP or NDA government has been violating every form of healthy governance in this country. We should be united and determined to end this.”

Reports suggest that Gopal Krishna Gandhi, who worked as Bengal Governor before and Farooq Abdullah, president of Jammu & Kashmir National Conference, name have come forward in the discussion. Candidate of Opposition will be announced by June 21st or 22nd, say reports.

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