Sensex reverses the trend & gains more than 900 points

BSE Sensex has been dipping down for more than two weeks due to the factors not in its hands. International investors deciding to sell off their shares and DOW JONES (US Markets), UK Markets, Chinese markets volatility caused Sensex to fall further down as Inflation, growth in repo rate have also affected it.

Finally, BSE SENSEX has been able to reverse the trend and gain 900 points in a day. It gained a total of 934.23 points and ended the day at 52,532.07 points. Sensex started the day at 51,897.60 points and gained 1100 points at one moment touching the maximum 52,799.40 points.

It ended the day at 52,532.07 points. Nifty also gained 288.65 points ending at 15,638.80 points. Due to International markets performing positively and Crude Oil prices coming down helped Sensex and Nifty indices to gain. But Rupee did not gain and traded at Rs. 78.06 against US Dollar.

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