Sensex records a huge low leaving nightmare for traders

Indian traders want to see SENSEX recording Bull run but Bear has been running after them leaving them in nightmares. After slight recovery in past two days, Sensex dropped by 1400 points in a single and valuation of listed companies too dropped by Rs. 7 Lakh crore. That means indices lost 7 lakh crores in a day. BSE Sensex ended at 1416 points low at 52,792.23 points. Nifty ended the day at 15,809.40 points. This is another record low for Nifty.

Inflation fears around the world, raising Oil prices, Indian inflation, bad performance of foreign stock exchanges, RBI’s proposed further increase in repo rate, ongoing Ukraine – Russia war, EU sanctions on Russia, US facing inflation fears and growing Corona cases in North Korea, few areas in China and new virus infections around the world have resulted in this steep fall.

LIC IPO debut has brought in some positivity but even the Mega IPO traded lower than the anticipated value leaving traders further in doldrums. RBI has to interfere and try to find a solution as the valuation of major companies is under grave threat.

While International inflation cannot be controlled, Indian financial institutions should look at rising inflation and should find a solution. Otherwise the rise in inflation could cause for unemployment among the middle class and this would further put financial health in trouble.

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