Sensex ends with huge loss after positive sessions

BSE SENSEX and Nifty have recovered after some blood bath with bull run on Monday, 30th May. Many experts thought that the indices are now on the road to recovery but the Tuesday reversed the trend again.

Ongoing Ukraine-Russia war as forced EU to ban Russian oil and this triggered traders to sell off some off the crude oil stocks. At one stage, Sensex dropped down to 55,369.14 points and by the end of the day, recovered to 55,566.41 points. It lost 359.33 points today.

Nifty started at 16,578.45 points and touched minimum at 16,521.90 and after a slight recovery ended the day at 16,584.55 points. It lost 76.85 points. Soon the trend could reverse with several companies announcing out their first quarter profits.

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