Say Goodbye to Apple iPod

Do you remember the days when 5-in-1 tape recorders and huge cassette players used to dominate music player industry? Do you remember how computers changed the way we acquire songs, that is, download and write on CDs? Do you remember walkman players? Well, all of them went out of fashion with iPods.

Apple introduced iPod players and people felt pride in owning iPods and soon they have become a must to have gadget for everyone. The craze for them increased as Apple introduced new sleek designs with iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle with increased storage capacity. With new designs Apple came up with creative ideas to give more storage space in short devices.

As craze for iPhones, iPads, iMac, Macbooks, Airpods has increased market for iPods has come down. With phones bringing new players and including FM radio apps and players, Spotify, iTunes stores have revolutionized music listening and buying, sharing. iPods have completely gone out of fashion. To keep their first successful product in market, Apple introduced iPod Touch that is almost a mini iPhone without facility to call someone.

Well, Apple has decided to give up and stop the production of iPods. After the current stocks are sold, Apple doesn’t plan to produce anymore iPods. They have decided to introduce all iPod exclusive facilities in Apple Watch, iPhone and iPads. It was iPods that propelled Apple into a successful manufacturing company and today, we are saying Goodbye to them. Really, Time never seizes to amaze!

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