Satiate your appetite with Telugus favourite ‘Gunta Punugulu’

Gunta Ponganalu is a regular breakfast and snack item in Telugu states. It’s also famous in Kerala but goes by the name paniyaram. It’s a smooth and fluffy dish that has the same dough mixture as idly but in addition with onions and coriander. It’s available in a few places in Hyderabad but the Ntv lifestyle has got you the best place to try.

Saroornagar lake is a very good place to taste various street foods. One of the food joints over there is run by a couple who serve these Gunta Ponganalu in the evening. You get eight pieces per plate for just 25 rupees. You can’t resist yourself with a single plate of Gunta Punagalu with this special yummy chutney. This dish shouldn’t be missed by anyone for those who want to lit up their evening mood.

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