Samantha “clarifies” on Naga Chaitanya dating rumors!

It might sound odd and even unnecessary, but ever since the dating rumor about Naga Chaitanya has come out, it is Samantha who has been reacting more on social media than the other parties involved.

“Rumours on girl – Must be true !!
Rumours on boy – Planted by girl !!
Grow up guys ..
Parties involved have clearly moved on .. you should move on too !! Concentrate on your work … on your families .. move on!!”

She reacted to the article published on our website, click here to read it, in the above manner. This article has been written keeping Naga Chaitanya fans in mind and to tell them that they have been slightly over reacting.

But then Samantha did it for us, in her typical way. Yes, it is important for even people to move on from this mud slingling and we support her in this aspect.

Naga Chaitanya never ever tried to speak ill of Samantha and majorly, Samantha has been reacting to posts, tweets, videos that outsiders have posted. It would be better to leave them alone than us trying to meddle in their relationship by making it further awkward to both of them to ever be cordial.

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