Sai Pallavi is highly excited about this film!

Sai Pallavi has been one of the most loved actresses in recent times. She has a huge fan following but she remains humble about it. It is rare to find her so excited about a film as she tries to do movies that are close to her heart only but she is highly pumped about this film, Gargi.

What is so special about it? The story of the film follows the battle of a young woman against the law system. Gautham Ramachandran has written and directing the film. Interestingly. Malayalam actress Aishwarya Lekshmi is producing this film along with Ravichandran Ramachandran, Thomas George and Gautham Ramachandran.

Jai Bhim, a movie based on similar theme could find International fame and had been in the first selection of 100 movies for Oscars. Movie couldn’t make the final nominations but many International audiences have become fans of the movie.

Sai Pallavi’s excitement and making video of the movie, tempts us to think that this movie will also have the potential to say such a hard-hitting subject. Let’s wait for more details to be unveiled by the makers.

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