Sai Dharam Tej praises Vishwak Sen’s AVAK

Vishwak Sen wanted to gain publicity for his film Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam with a prank video. But that resulted in a complaint against him by a well known journalist and a court case on him for creating nuisance. These two incidents has increased buzz around his film and if it gets positive word of mouth, then it could upset Anchor Suma’s Jayamma Panchyati opening day numbers, which look to be solid.

Actor Sai Dharam Tej has decided to extend his support to Vishwak Sen and he praised the actor’s performance in the film. He complimented actor’s dedication to transform himself and live in the character. He also praised the movie and said that he could relate to it and it is a rush of entertainment and emotions.

Well, the actor is very close to producer of the film BVSN Prasad and hence, he might have watched the film upon producer’s request. Without any reservation, he praised Vishwak Sen and it is really heartening to see such a gesture from him.

Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam movie is releasing on 6th May and Ravi Kiran Kola directed the movie. Rukshar Dhillion acted as the leading lady in the film. Movie is about Arjun Prasad who is worried about his marriage as he is growing old.

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