Russia restricts oil export to European countries

Russia has been the largest oil producer and European Union countries depend on Russian oil for energy. Hence, they restricted supply due to EU sanctions. This has given them huge control over the world affairs. European Union acted harshly on Russia, as they have started war with Ukraine.

They have issued sanctions on Russian oil imports and income sources. Russia did not take it lightly. They have restricted the gas streams in Nord stream pipeline and up to 20% less amount of gas, oil has been sent to the European Countries.

As this gives rise to energy crisis, European Union as asked the countries to reduce their usage by 15% minimum. USA who have put pressure on EU to issue sanctions have sent their diplomat Amos Hochstein, who serves Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs and leads the Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) to Europe.

He has been running talks with different countries in Brussels and Paris. He wants to see that energy crisis doesn’t effect Europe so much that they lift the sanctions and Russia will this cold war.

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