RRR team unveils the detailed city-wide promotional tour map

Yesterday, the RRR team unveiled their road map for movie promotions in the coming days in India and Dubai. Already, Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR at the Dubai Expo and interacting with the media.

Now, the team has revealed the promotional events that are going to be attended by the trio in each city. On 20th March, RRR team will attend Tic Tac interviews at 10:30 AM followed by on the same day in Delhi addressing the press conference at PVR Plaza at 5 PM, Fan Interaction Event at Imperial Lawn at 7 PM.

On 21st March, the RRR team will visit Golden Temple at 11 AM followed by Tic Tak with Media at 11:30 AM in Amritsar and later visits Jyoti Rao College at 3 PM and Tic Tac Interview at Hawa Mahal at 5:10 PM in Jaipur.

On 22nd March, RRR team will visit two cities Kolkata and Varanasi. In Kolkata, RRR team visits Unoor Masjid at 10:30 AM followed by Howrah Bridge and Tic Tac Interviews at 11 AM at Ghat. In Varanasi, Tic Tak Interview at 5:20 PM and Ganga Pooja arati at 6 PM. 
Finally returns to Hyderabad on the same day and will attend a pre-release event in Hyderabad on 23rd March 2022. With this, the promotions of RRR will be concluded.

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