RRR team confirms two new release dates

Here is the most awaited news for both Mega and Nandamuri fans. The RRR team has reserved two dates for the release of the movie based on Covid situation. If there is no Covid surge, the RRR tsunami would have been struck the global box office.

But Corona has separate plans. It made RRR to step back. Now, RRR team has confirmed to release the movie on 18th March 2022 if the Covid19 is in control. Otherwise, RRR will be released on 28th April 2022.

Based on the situation, RRR team will begin the promotions. Two pre-release events will have to organised, one in Bengaluru and the other in Hyderabad. The expectations on RRR are unpredictable. Both Tarak and Charan anticipating pan India stardom with RRR.

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