RRR creator Rajamouli and family to watch Radhe Shyam  

Rebel Star Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam will start its BO run with US premieres. Everyone is excited to hear some good reports for Radhe Shyam from US Premieres. This talk only decides the fate of any movie.

Well, it was known that Maverick director Rajamouli and Prabhas share a great bond. Recently, Rajamouli has interviewed Prabhas for a Radhe Shyam special interview. According to the latest reports, Rajamouli and his entire family will watch Radhe Shyam for Prabhas, who was like a family member to them.

As quoted by idlebrain jeevi, the Rajamouli family has a whatsapp group ‘FDFS’ with 44 members. For every major release, almost 30 members will watch. But for Radhe Shyam, all 44 members are going to watch because as said above, Prabhas is part of their family.

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