Revanth Reddy alleges CM KCR as “land-grabber”!

Telangana MP Revanth Reddy alleged Chief Minister KCR as land grabber and said that in the name of ring roads, expansion of projects he is grabbing lands from poor farmers. He alleged that all new projects announced by KCR government are to officially grab lands of poor farmers and nothing more.

At Indira Park’s Dharna Chowk, in Hyderabad, Congress Party conducted Dharani Racchabanda and called themselves as Kishan Congress. Many people who stated themselves as victims of land grabbing submitted their concerns to the leaders at the meeting.

Revanth Reddy commented that KCR and his party are cleverly taking away poor people’s lands in the name of development and handing them over to big companies making them new age Landlords. He asked KCR to stop grabbing land of poor as they treat land as their self-respect.

MLA Seethakka blasted on KCR and his family, party TRS. She said that she will fight on behalf of farmers in the assembly and outside as well.

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