Ravi Teja’s Ramarao On Duty Movie Review

Cast: Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik, Rajisha Vijayan, Venu Thottempudi, Naresh, Nasser, Pavitra Lokesh, John Vijay, Anveshi Jain


Cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan
Edited by Praveen KL
Music by Sam CS
Written & Directed by Sarath Mandava
Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri
Release Date: 29th July 2022

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja after Khiladi worked on his next release Ramarao On Duty for past one year. Sarath Mandava is debuting with this movie and Venu Thottempudi is coming back with this movie. Let’s discuss about the movie…

Ramarao (Ravi Teja) works in Government Administration as Mandal Revenue Officer. He marries Nandhini (Diyanshu Kaushik) and has a lady friend in Malini (Rajisha Vijayan). Nandhini gets jealous of them being close. Ramarao acts out of his job parameters and this invites troubles. Local SI Murali (Venu Thottempudi) decides to nab him and SP (John Vijay) too supports him in this matter. SP has his own interest in stopping Ramarao and that is, his connection with Red Sandalwood smugglers mafia.

Can Ramarao uncover the depth of this mafia gang? Will Malini and Nandhini sort out their differences? Can he overcome family challenges that his job brings? Will he find support from higher officials? Watch the movie to know…

Some movies work because of the freshness they bring to the table while they tell the old tale. Telugu filmmakers try hard to tell same commercial formula stories in a different angle every film. Hence, it becomes obvious to see a star trying to fit into a role that fights against system or for system. As it has become too routine for Ravi Teja, it becomes obvious and predictable how he moves, talks or even fights against villains. And this movie’s Screenplay makes it bland at best. Ravi Teja tried to deliver a very serious film that common audiences don’t really expect from him. Such movie needs more engaging Screenplay and here we have only Sam CS score that tries to hard to infuse life. Cinematography is good but editing is as bad as writing. We hope that this Ramarao took leave and never did duty by the end of it all.

Ravi Teja tried to infuse some energy into a dull and boring screenplay. Melodrama in few scenes seem comic and nothing works even while he does try his best. His voice modulation seems a bit odd in this movie. All others leave no impact on us. Venu Thottempudi is good but his character is not. Writing for every scene and entire movie is at so amateurish levels that one wonders what made the actors to star in this. Completely avoidable film.

Ravi Teja performance
Venu’s scenes

Boring melodrama
Logicless action sequences
Loopy scenes
Flat Narration

Rating: 2.25/5
Bottom-line: Ramarao Omits Duty

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