Ravi Teja’s fans in a state of shock!

‘Khiladi’ hit the cinemas this Friday and the reviews have only mercilessly criticized the film. The actioner, starring Ravi Teja and others in suspenseful roles, is directed by Ramesh Varma.

Most of the reviews have described the film as messy, unbearable, over-the-top, and laughable. This has shocked Ravi Teja’s fans, who were hoping that their favourite actor is back in form after last year’s ‘Krack’.

To add to the woes, Mass Maharaja hasn’t been able to manage the optics well. His subtle dig at the film’s director at the pre-release event of ‘Khiladi’ is still rankling the minds of Ravi Teja’s fans. They have come to the conclusion that Ravi Teja actually regrets doing the film.

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