Ram Charan relishes Hero

The families of Mega Powerstar Ram Charan and Superstar Mahesh Babu share great bondage. Both families rejoice together whenever they get the chance. But Ram Charan who has to attend the HERO pre-release in absence of Superstar Mahesh Babu failed to grace the occasion.

Later, Ram Charan took to Twitter and poured in his best wishes for the debutant Ashok Galla on Hero release. Today, the RRR actor congratulated team HERO for their blockbuster stint.

MR C that he has enjoyed the movie HERO and wished Ashok Galla, Padmavati Galla, director Sriram Adittya a grand success in their future endeavours.

Charan appreciated Ashok Galla for his amazing entry into the world of cinema. HERO movie has been receiving love from all nooks of Telugu states.

Earlier, Superstar Mahesh Babu and the Legend Krishna appreciated Ashok Galla’s performance in Hero.

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