Rajiv Gandhi assassination conspirator gets released

Indian ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi got assassinated by LTTE in Sri Perambur, Tamil Nadu at a public meeting in 1991. Intelligence officers advised Rajiv Gandhi to not go to Tamil Nadu as sympathizers of LTTE and Tamil Eelam creation in Sri Lanka, among Tamil speaking Indian citizens, refugees from the island nation are angry with him. They feared a conspiracy brewing to kill Rajiv Gandhi and the assassination took place even though Z plus category security measures were taken by Indian Intelligence.

Officials could immediately nab the conspirators involved assassination as they used belt bomb tied to a young kid to perform the kill. Since 1991, most of the conspirators are in Tihar Jail undergoing life sentence.

AG Perarivalan, who was accused of handing over batteries that were used in the belt bomb appealed to Supreme Court for bail in 2018 and Court granted him bail. Before that in 1998 Special TADA Court convicted them and sentenced him Death punishment but Supreme Court put a stay on it and in 2014 revised it to Life imprisonment.

Now, they have ordered for his release owing to the delay caused in execution of bail orders. Tamil Nadu Government assured Apex Court that they will keep keen track of Perarivalan’s moments and hence, Supreme Court took this ground breaking decision. Perarivalan has been in Jail most of his life as he got arrested at the age of 19.

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