Rajasekhar’s Shekar Movie Review

Cast: Rajasekhar, Athmeeya Rajan, Muskan Kubchandani, Shivani Rajasekhar, Abhinav Gomatham, Kannada Kishore, Sameer, Ravi Varma

Crew: Music by Anup Rubens

Cinematography by Mallikarjun Naragani

Directed by Jeevitha Rajasekhar

Produced by Beeram Sudhakar Reddy, Shivani Rajasekhar, Shivatmika Rajasekhar, Boggaram Venkata Srinivas

Shekar is the new film from Rajasekhar. He waited patiently for the pandemic to ease off to make and release this movie. Jeevitha Rajasekhar, his wife and actress who became a director with Evadaithe Naakenti kind of films, directed this film. It is a remake of Malayalam hit, Joseph. Lead actor Joju George received National and State awards for his performance in the original movie. Let’s discuss how the Telugu remake fares.


Movie follows a voluntarily retired cop, Sekhar (Rajasekhar). He looses his daughter (Shivani Rajasekhar) in an accident. He continues to help Police officials in solving crimes as a consultant. Sekhar suddenly comes across his ex-wife’s dead body and realizes that she also died in the same fashion as his daughter. He immediately connects the dots and realizes that there should be a conspiracy behind these deaths as both being identical cannot be a coincidence. He launches his own investigation and goes to the bottom of the case.


Rajasekhar delivered a clean performance but did not reach to the level that we normally expect from him. But his new look and subtle variations in body language are commendable. Shivani Rajasekhar and Athmeeya Rajan are good. Sameer, Ravi Varma are good in their roles.

Movie revolves around a mystery and investigation behind hit had been intercut with emotional journey of the lead character. Had the director tried to change the pacing of the original and made it more crisp and changed some elements to make it more exciting, movie would have been a must watch. With lethargic pacing, movie suffers with drag in the screenplay. Jeevitha Rajasekhar tends to stick to the original faithfully and that harmed this movie, one must say. The difference in audience taste should have been taken into consideration. Anup Rubens music is good and Cinematography is decent. Writing issues in original could have been sorted out to make it even better.

The problem with the writing arises in the second hour mainly, when we expect more intense drama, the film drags on without moving the story. Understanding hero’s pain and perspective in an investigative thriller is a novel premise but when you have an exciting thread going on for investigation, we cannot accept mood killers and downers coming into the screenplay in any form. Overall, movie could have been crisp and racy.


Rajasekhar’s screen presence and performance

Apt Music and BGM

Novelty in premise


Lethargic pacing

Writing issues

Following original too faithfully

Rating: 2.25/5

Bottomline: Shekar lacks the punch.

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