Rains Alert: Telangana state to get more rainfall

Telangana State faced extreme Summer during the summer season and until mid-June Monsoon rains did not enter the state and even till late June many areas did not receive the normal rainfall by the time. But suddenly, the tables have turned and the state has been receiving continuous and huge rainfall from past one week.

Indian Meteorological Department has issued new alert that chances of State receiving more rainfall in coming three days is high. The heavy rainfalls have resulted in huge amount of flood water from catchment areas of different rivers, lakes, ponds rushing into the water bodies.

Resultant of this, many reservoirs, lakes, water dams, projects are filling with water more than anticipated. Hence, the officials are monitoring the storage capacity and levels of water rushing in. Telangana CM KCR has asked the officials to be very careful about the situation and asked them to keep monitoring and updating to him timely.

IMD in the alert mentioned that the depression over Bay of Bengal sea and the depression over the land are causing for this huge rainfall. Slowly, the clouds carrying rain would move towards the north, say the weather experts.

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