Rahul Gandhi is not with a Chinese ambassador

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader, was seen partying with few friends in Nepal Night Club. The video went viral and many people started pointing fingers on him about his activities. Rumors have come out that one of Rahul Gandhi’s friends is Chinese Ambassador placed in Nepal.

BJP leaders attacked Rahul Gandhi and a media organization conducted fact-check about the rumors. It turns out that none of Rahul’s friends are from China. The lady in the video is a Nepali woman and she is a close friend of Rahul’s journalist friend, for whose wedding he has flown to Nepal.

Congress leaders retorted BJP leaders saying that Rahul Gandhi can have friends, family and he can attend to their weddings as an invited guest. They have asked BJP leaders to concentrate on burning problems in the country than on Rahul.

Night Club owner also reiterated the same and said that there were no Chinese nationals present on that night when Rahul came to their club. He further confirmed that Rahul spent close to one and half hour at their club with his friends and they did not have any other guests visiting them.

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