Rahul Gandhi: BJP wants two Indias to divide and rule

Rahul Gandhi at Jaipur talked about how BJP Government at the center is not focusing on improving financial condition of India as a nation. He slammed BJP by saying that they want to create two Indias, one for rich and the other for poor.

He also said that only three or four rich corporates are benefitting from the government policies. He claimed that UPA Government worked for the welfare of the classes but BJP is not doing the same. He further said that BJP is unable to handle the finance department as well as UPA and hence, country is facing inflation.

Rahul Gandhi then called the schemes like Note Ban or Demoetisation and Goods & Service Tax as failures as the government hastily applied them. Due to their failure India is facing though financial situation, he proclaimed.

He further slammed BJP saying that they want to divide and rule while UPA tried to save the unity in diversity of India. He directly pointed out India’s financial difficulties as PM Narendra Modi’s failure. He said that UPA government handled the situations better.

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