Punjab’s fractured verdict will be worrying: Analysts

Punjab has gone to the polls today. The polling is going on on Sunday and the parties in the contest are leaving no stone unturned to get a mandate.

As per analysts, Punjab is entering a rough terrain politically. A Times Of India column today observed that a fractured verdict might result from Congress, AAP, BJP and SAD wooing different castes and religious communities. 

Congress is wooing Dalit votes and Jat Sikh votes, while BJP is wooing urban Hindu votes majorly. AAP is banking on populist promises. Had Congress retained Capt Amarinder Singh, the situation would have been much better, a few commentators have felt. 

If there is a hung verdict, the social repercussions might be felt for decades, the column in TOI suggested. This has to be seen in the context of fears of the Khalistani movement being resuscitated, besides the drugs menace and Pakistan allegedly trying to fish in troubled waters. 

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