Public Talk: AVAK fails to impress

Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam movie starring Vishwak Sen and Rukhsar Dhillion released on 6th May in Telugu markets. Hero Vishwak Sen lead a viral marketing campaign that lead to prank controversy. Movie managed to create buzz before release due to the controversy and let’s see what people have to say about the film.

Critics gave the movie very low approval rating and did not find the overall narrative by young debutant director Vidya Sagar Chinta consistently engaging. Performances wise Critics liked Vishwak Sen’s screen presence but they opined that he over did a few scenes and tried too hard to move away from his regular body language.

Rukshar Dhillion’s character did not have great depth and even though she looked good, she couldn’t create any impact according to critics. Common public who watched the film found second half dragged to the bits while first half was passable.

Tweets about the movie dragging out the point in the second half could be found and early response about the film seems to be generally weak. Looking at Acharya trends, it is hard for a movie to survive with low start and considerably weak word of mouth. Unfortunately, AVAK has a very weak word of mouth.

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