Priyanka Gandhi says UP, Bihar migrants were not insulted

On Wednesday, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi reportedly said that the migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar won’t be allowed to enter the state if Congress retains power in Punjab. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was seen laughing as her party leader made the remarks.

After the video went viral, Ms. Gandhi has issued a clarification. Speaking to ANI, the Congress leader said that the CM of Punjab was only stating that Punjab should be run only by Punjabis. She added that his statement has been misconstrued. “I don’t think anyone from UP is interested in coming to Punjab and ruling,” Ms. Gandhi further said.
There is a view that the comments have already done damage in terms of angering many UP voters. 

Congress party, as per the polling agency C-Voter, was picking up a good vote share in recent months in UP. However, as the polling dates approached, its performance started dwindling with Congress voters shifting to SP, BJP and BSP. 

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