Post Nupur Sharma & Repo rate increase trolling doubles

Nupur Sharma, ex-BJP spokespersons comments against Prophet Mohammad have caused International stir with Qatar, Oman, Iran kind of gulf countries severing ties with India. Now, trolls of her being very trustworthy employee and being true to ideology of party have been increasing each day.

On the other hand, Repo rate has been increased by RBI by 50 points increasing interest rates on loans. This has seen negative effect on Stock Markets and trolls have increased sarcastically about Acche Din.

PM Narendra Modi has been directly targeted and tagged by the trolls asking him to stop these “Acche Din” as they are unable to bear the “fruits of these great fruitful days” so much. The trolls from Congress party on social media are also growing day-by-day.

While inflation, price hikes can be addressed Nupur Sharma comments have caused International shame for the party and country as well. How BJP will cope up with these negative impressions on them has to be seen!

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