Poonam Kaur says,” There is another director targeting Pawan Kalyan other than RGV”

Tollywood actress Poonam Kaur who was pretty aggressive on social media and voiced her opinion over National and Telugu state politics has once again made some shocking allegations on RGV and another director.

Poonam Kaur didn’t reveal the other director who abuses Pawan Kalyan’s personal life completely and smiles from the corner. She also disclosed how SC and ST candidate was used against Pawan Kalyan for the political agenda in the last election.

She also mentioned how Sri Reddy was used against Pawan Kalyan. Likewise, Poonam disclosed how the Bheemla Nayak actor was targeted in the past election in replying to the tweet of RGV. She ends her tweets with “Hope the truth prevails”.

Now, everyone is thinking of another director who has been targeting Pawan Kalyan from the corner. Poonam Kaur only knows,” Who is that director?”

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