PM Modi to hold review meeting post his Europe trip

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to India after completing his three nation Europe Trip. He talked to France President, Emmanuel Macron about the nuclear cooperation and war in Ukraine and trade relations between the two nations.

Earlier, he visited Denmark and Germany to talk to the world leaders about the harmful effects of global warming and climate change. He also talked about the soaring inflation and possibility of recession. He asked for the friendly support from the Nations to India in these testing times while offering to cooperate in every possible way for them to recover as well.

Now, PM Modi will chair a review meeting about the preparedness of India to counter the heatwave and handle the challenges in Monsoon season. As the Covid-19 cases could surge, he is expected to ask the Chief Ministers of various states to ensure proper measures to be taken to control the spread.

Also, he is expected to review the infrastructural difficulties in handling Monsoon rains this season. IMD reports suggest that after such a dangerous heatwave, India could experience high rainfall everywhere.

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