PM Modi: Fight against Familial rule in Telangana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Hyderabad for a quick tour on 26th May. He attended BJP party public meeting at Begumpet and spoke at Indian School of Business, addressing students, on the occasion of the institution completing 20 years. At Begumpet, he commented that Indian politics have to get rid of familial politics and politicians who encourage family politics.

He called for BJP party cadre to rally against TRS, the ruling party of Telangana state. He claimed that poor people are with BJP and no one can deny the fact. He blasted CM KCR saying that he is misusing his powers and he has been promoting central government schemes as his own by changing the name.

Modi then participated in ISB 20th anniversary celebrations and remembered ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He commented that Mr. Vajpayee established ISB with a vision and today that vision has come true. ISB has become Asia’s most prestigious business school and this has been a great ride to the pinnacle.

He said that India is the third fastest growing economy in the world and we should be celebrating the fact that India is growing beyond challenges. He gave an example pointing out to India being able to produce vaccines to vaccinate Indians on a largest scale and even exported to 100 nations. He asked students to unify their individual goals to long term goals that help India to grow as a nation.

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