Pawan Kalyan slams AP Government over Tenth results

Pawan Kalyan slams AP Government over Tenth results and calls Government to take full responsibility for 2 lakhs students failure. He alleged that teachers have been assigned duties to regularize queues at the Belt liquor shops.

He accused government for not being attentive to school children’s issues and teachers issues. He demanded government to give ten grace marks to students and pass them. He also asked government to take up re-counting free of cost for students. He even said that supplementary exams should be conducted free of cost too.

He further stated that Government cannot blame parents for the failure of students but should take responsibility as parents would never wish for bad results to their children. He then exclaimed that for 2018,19 years AP saw 94% students passing out consistently and this year it dropped to 67.38%. “This has to be a problem that government has to address and take responsibility for. They should appoint good and capable teachers,” he suggested. Here is his complete open letter.

In reply to his accusations, Perni Nani, ex- Cinematography minister of state, slammed Pawan Kalyan and called him Tenth fail politician who cannot understand intricacies in teaching profession and government duties.

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