Pawan Kalyan slams Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan

Pawan Kalyan, Janasena chief, slammed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan with a satire on his comment that he has been clicking on the button that will provide the people with all the promises they have made before elections. Jagan said, ” AP state is lagging in funds, still I am finding a way to press the button that deposits money into the accounts of beneficiaries of welfare schemes. Now, it is the duty of MLAs, cadre and local leaders to see that party wins 175 seats in next elections.”

Pawan Kalyan based his satire on these comments and said, ” Chief Minister should understand that his work doesn’t end with pressing a button. He has to respond with compassion and sensibly to problems as well. He cannot just sit at the capital and give out orders.”

Later he said, “YSRCP leaders think that all they have to do is press a button. People in the flooded areas where the villages have been water submerged for days are waiting for help and the leaders are busy pressing buttons. Please look at their plight and immediately help them. i would like to say that we from Janasena are ready to help anyone during these tough times. I just hope government also does the same.”

YSRCP leaders have said that YS Jagan has asked them to go to the submerged areas in the state and give him a detailed report. Also, they have stated that the CM is serious about any delays in the rescue acts and he has been continuously monitoring the situation, regularly.

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