Pawan Kalyan distressed about Kamareddy accident

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan expressed distress and severe displeasure about Kamareddy accident. He extended his condolences to the family members of the people died in the accident. Nine members died and 14 more people are injured in the accident and all belong to the same family.

Pawan Kalyan is known for his social awareness and outlook towards the welfare of the society. Even before he started political party, Jansena, he helped many people in and around him. After becoming a full time politician, he brought to world’s notice, Uddanam issue and fought for the people.

He asked Telangana State Government to extend their support to the family and give the necessary medical treatment to the injured. He requested people to drive safe as over speeding is the cause for many accidents. He asked police to issue stricter rules and introduce maximum number of speed control measures to ensure such accidents won’t repeat.

Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his distress about the accident and announced Rs 2 Lakhs amount for family members of the dead and Rs 50,000 each for injured people in the accident.

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