Pawan Kalyan asks Jagan to concentrate on State crisis

Pawan Kalyan, Janasena party founder and president has clearly stated that his goal for next elections is to not let YSRCP win for the second time. He said that he will go forward with anyone who has similar agenda, criticizing State economic policies introduced by CM Jagan’s government.

YS Jagan, at Ganapavaram on 16 May said that AP State Government is working for the welfare of people and it will stick to it and continue to work for welfare of people. He later said that Pawan Kalyan, referred by him as an adopted son of opposition leader Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, should look at the welfare that AP Government is achieving and challenged that he will fail to find even one farmer in the state who did not get help from the government or welfare schemes of YSRCP Government.

He asked Ministers and MLAs to go to each house in their respective constituency and spread the good work done by the government and also adhere to their problems. In response to Jagan’s attack, Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter and posted a video, wrote that the AP is close to becoming another Sri Lanka in terms of financial condition.

He asked AP CM Jagan to work towards avoiding such situation rather than concentrating on him and his non-existent collaboration with TDP. Well, war of words between the political parties is quite common and only AP people can decide who is working and who is not.

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