Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Cast: Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri, Srinivas Reddy, Praveen, and Viva Harsha

Music Director: Jakes Bejoy
Editing : S.B.Uddhav
Cinematography: Karm Chawla
Director: Maruthi
Producer: Bunny Vas, V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy & Pramod Uppalapati

Gopichand made his name as a performer with films like Jayam, Varsham, Nijam. After making a name as an actor he became a hero with Yagnam, Ranam, Lakshyam, Golimar, Souryam, Sahasam, Loukhyam films. But he is unable to deliver such hits these days. With Pakka Commercial he tried to deiiver an entertaining movie in the direction of Director Maruthi. Raashii Khanna is playing leading lady in the film along with Satyaraj. Let’s discuss about the film.


Young Lawyer Lucky (Gopichand) decides to help criminals for money against the wishes of his principled father (Satyaraj). He was a judge who gave up his job after relieving a criminal Vivek (Rao Ramesh) in a rape case. The guilt makes Judge an alcoholic but he wants to see his son follow his principles. But Lucky is indifferent and doesn’t care about cheating his father as well. He lands up helping Vivek against his father’s wishes. Hence, his father decides to fight against Lucky. Who will win? What happens next? Watch the movie to know more …


Gopichand is a very good performer and he has proved that his comic timing as well. He doesn’t have to prove anything as an actor and he tries to fit into Director Maruthi’s world. But he seems to have been asked to over act in many scenes. He did deliver better performance in the climax portions where writing is good. Raashii Khanna tries to carry comedy bits on her shoulders. The writing for her suffers with repetitive jokes and even though she tried hard, scenes drag on too much. Satyaraj, Rao Ramesh shine but their characters are too routine.

Pakka Commercial tries hard to force comedy into a regular script. The scenes drag on and on in the first hour. Second hour doesn’t have much story to offer and drags on two sequences with Rao Ramesh. Writing in this movie offers nothing new and fails to deliver any emotional connect. On the whole, this movie would have worked better with good writing and less forced comedy.

Rao Ramesh Comic Scenes


Very Routine Screenplay
Predictable Scenes
Too Thin plotline
Drag in Second Hour
Forced Comedy

Rating: 2.5/5

Bottom Line: Forced Comedy

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